Keeping A Child's Mind Focused

I often come across many parents who are frustrated with the lack of new ideas to entertain their children while off school.

The good news is that they needn’t be. 

It is all to easy to stick a child in front of the TV to watch a movie, have friends come over or to go to the park (weather permitting) except for the fact that this can not be done every day.

When I started researching the psychology behind a child’s attention span it became evident that traditional based activity toys (often the cheapest) were the most effective way to keep a child’s mind active whilst increasing their attention span. Activity based toys are educational and fun at any age. 

If we take Nutty Putty for example I can explain the educational benefits of using such a product.


The experience a child gains through manipulating Nutty Putty will help them to develop a deeper understanding of how shapes can change and this helps them to stay engaged because they become curious and want to experiment. They begin to communicate more because they want to share what they have discovered.


Children communicating about their discoveries means that they will also be willing to listen and participate in lengthy discussions thus practicing oral communication skills and expanding their vocabulary as they continue molding their putty. 


Creating new shapes requires the child to think and very soon they gain an understanding of mathematics while making their creation. Discussing amounts, height, weight and lengths with them helps and encourages the child to focus and use these important skills.


You can encourage a child to write a short story about what they made. For example if they create an animal, ask them to give it a name and offer to help them write a story about it. Another way of learning literacy whilst having fun is by asking a child to write some words on a paper and then make them out of Nutty Putty. 


This is another important benefit. Rolling, poking, shaping encourage the child to develop fine motor skills while making their creations.

It is no wonder that any type of putty/dough is actually integrated in the national curriculum.

Lets not forget the benefits for the parent if a child is sitting down playing and learning at the same time.

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Best wishes

The Nutty Putty Team.

Posted on November 26, 2015 .