A bit about us. 

George Pornaris and Eliana Perdios successfully launched the amazing multi award winning product called Nutty Putty just over three years ago, and since then thousands of children and adults of all ages have had lots of fun.

They have a great passion for innovation and creating fun toys with an educational theme and are currently working on some top-secret projects that we will hopefully see in the New Year. 

Through their research and experiences they are huge advocates of teaching parents and children the importance of learning through play and regularly emphasise this in schools , colleges and exhibitions throughout the UK. 

George and Eliana have really been busy writing and we can now announce that Nutty Putty will soon be featured in their very own children's story book collection. In the meantime George and Eliana  appeared on The Crafty Beggars Christmas TV show 2017. Click on the link to see them explaining the delights of Nutty Putty 


 They believe in the extraordinary power of children’s imagination. That’s why every toy they make is designed to nurture the creativity of little ones.

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“Play is learning and is the highest form of research in the mind of a child. Play is a necessity and an educational toy is a valuable tool”
— George Pornaris