Our Story

In  2013 and by chance we bumped into each other in a local coffee shop  and after a cappuccino or two we soon realised that we had the same type of ambitions to somehow find ways to enhance the educational toy market. Over the next few weeks and months we through ideas at each other until we got to the point where we wanted our vision to become reality so we teamed up to form a new brand called Alphabet Pie. We wanted our brand to represent quality, value for money and inspiration and so our mission began with a combination of inventing, sourcing , manufacturing and distributing educational toys all around the world. The ethos was simple. Inspiring little minds. Creating big imaginations. Through many hours of research, late nights and thousands of miles traveling around the world it was finally time.  Nutty Putty was born and was launched in 2015 and took everyone by surprise. Every time we demonstrated its unique benefits we were met with the same word "WOW" and that it because it stands out as the most versatile and unique creative putty in the world. With constant development it is now available in over 18 different colours that include glow in the dark and our latest product due to be launched later in the year will be the ultra colour changing putty.  As with any new business to be successful and provide the best, we always look at ways to enhance our range. Watch out for many more products for the young and old and our new look image.

Eliana and George



 They believe in the extraordinary power of children’s imagination. That’s why every toy they make is designed to nurture the creativity of little ones.

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“Play is learning and is the highest form of research in the mind of a child. Play is a necessity and an educational toy is a valuable tool”
— George Pornaris

The Nutty Putty Team.

George and Eliana.


The Early Day!